Pictures of the volunteers at work, messages, and profiles of people you have helped, Pictures of people who have contributed to the success can all be incorporated along with a link to maybe your blog or a website will be ideal.

When celebrities or bigger brands associate with such a cause, it automatically gains significance and people are more aware. They ask the right questions before making a purchase and this is also success for the Non-Profit Organization.

If you find yourself always stuck with framing words which describe your work, use aesthetically taken pictures to convey your mission and how it actually impacts the people of an area. Take, for instance, a project where leftover food from hotels.


Our agency came into existence in the year 2005 and since then we have been instrumental in helping Non-Profit Organizations to connect to a wider audience. We have realized that if there has been anything missing then it has been the fact that most of these organizations lack the creativity to speak about the work that is being done. There is a lot of causes out there which require and need your support but unfortunately because of various issues relating to time, involvement and lack of creativity to present themselves in the right light, these organizations miss out.

Our mission and focus have been to help these organizations to do just that.

We have experienced teams that help to create the right campaign to communicate with the right audience- customers or prospects

Our teams creatively bring out the success stories through beautiful pictures. This helps to capture the right audience and the right followers. The increase in followers will lead to an increase in interest to participate and contribute. Social Media Tips - CDC ...

What is truly amazing is that considering the work we are doing for these NGO’s, we have several contributors from the media and communications industry who are willing to give their time and come with interesting ideas that can help generate business for them.

Unlike other marketing companies, we have made it our mission to build business or connectivity to such NGO’s solely through social media and hence our expertise is unparalleled. Since the people, we work with and our teams are aware of this, these NGO’s benefit without having to put in too much of resources.

There is a lot of understanding that goes into it before we begin a campaign for any of the causes. We only proceed after we have analyzed the target audience and what the best approach is. The technology and tactics are the last to be considered since we believe it is critical to do the groundwork before we begin.